In construction terms "underpinning "is a
delicate and 1000 times difficult than building  a
new house. There is "NO" short-cuts and
cannot rush the process

The process of underpinning is exactly that, "a process" and it  
unique for each different House Project.

Depends very much on the house conditions, for example if
the house has sunken and it has cracked already there is  
more danger and very tedious progress.

When we do underpinning is always direct and supervised by
our License structural engineer
Build in 1929 at St.Clair &
Mount Pleasant Crack and
partially sunk . We were
able to saved with the
proper process set in
place. Did not finish like
the neighbor hose that
you see in this home
page,  This House owner
save hes investment.
Underpinning for a Basement  Entry -direct
access to house- on top of a water bed
In this case , the space  was too narrow to fit a Minni-digger,
therefore it was all hand diiging .
Every morning ,we will find the ditch full of water and some
portions of the trench walls had collapsed.
We have to dig this hole about 3 times until  finally we were
able to install the insulation on the underpinned footing and  
poured the concrete before it fills up with water again.
Build right after the WWII
Don Mills and Lawrence
House. This project
included a direct access
to the basement  this
task was difficult to
complete, the house was
build on top of a Water Bed
U n d e r p i n n i n g
247 St.Clair Ave.E
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