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Since basements are usually somewhat bigger than other rooms in the house, this
option provides guests with a quiet, private place to sleep. A retractable wall or
temporary divider may allow larger basements to accommodate multiple guests with
the option to convert to a larger suite when only one guest is visiting. As an added
incentive, a large guest suite may increase a home's value, generating a powerful
return on the basement development expense.
unencumbered work area becomes a necessity for many families. Basements Work
from home, and technology makes the home office more productive, a large, offer a
to form the perfect work location. Plus, a basement with outside access may qualify
for a tax deduction if used as a home office, as home office professionals may
legitimately deduct the portion of the home (and, as a result, a portion of any
mortgage payments) as a business expense.
Basement finishing and remodeling have come a long way since the days of acoustic
tile ceilings and boxed-in ductwork. Today's basements are extremely the
best-designed and most popular homes.
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Basements Pictures 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5