The Pandora Box
John-Luc Rizzo General Contractor
We notice that one of the supporting beam in the front porch had a little belly, so the
engineer in charge of the project requested me to insert some blocks of wood in
between the voids to straight it off.

That was the initial scope of the job it was simple and the must cost efficient.

The first task was to remove the lateral soft fits  to reach the actual beam voids.

The second step was to secure the porch,for safety reasons.

As a second step as shown in the picture, it was to fill the void with pieces of 2x4 the fit perfectly.
I'm wondering?,what would you do about, as a home owner, if you come across these
findings...These are some of the issues found,that you can judge better by seeing the
pictures below
Cover up is not the solution , the stones were sitting on a piece of 2 x 4 and not on a
bolted steel lintel. The post were rotten and merely holding its own weight only attach
on the button by silicone, the joist were short and very deteriorated and the railing on
the top deck were complete a illusion of safety;these were low and loosed
Agree... the finish
product it's what it
counts, but for me,
safety comes first
For your convenience we accept