Guaranty of two (2) years, conditions apply
John-Luc Rizzo General Contractor

1-All the works to be done must have a written (signed) contract by John-Luc Rizzo General Contractor where

2- Must comply with  local municipality and the Ontario Building Code (O.B.C.)

3- We do not do patch works or take over other contractors  unfinished works or any work halfway done by others,
we only work in our own full projects.

4- Works must comply with our standards of construction. Guaranty expires if supplies are provided by client.

5- Works must be done from start to completion by John-Luc Rizzo Certified General Contractor Corporation.

6-All work completed by our company cannot  be altered in any way and by anyone (except us), by doing so the
guaranty expires automatically.

7- Cash contracts are not eligible under any circumstances.

8-Material are not included in our Guaranty.

9-Rental machinery and disposable materials are not included in  our guaranty.

10-Only labour is guaranty for a period of two years from starting day of the project.....contract must be paid in full  our
guaranty to be effective.,,,,l renovations, house additions, extensions  etc,Must carry a signed contract. Our standards
of construction is not less that the Ontario Building Code, we will refuse any job requested by costumers that do not
comply with this minimum requirement. The process of the different phases must be and will be set by us, John-Luc
Rizzo Certified General Contractor with no exception.As per appointments outside of the Toronto Area will be subject
to a 1 time charge of $ 130.00 Canadian Dollars, Reimburse or accredited  upon signed contract