Bathroom with  Ditra Shower  Systems
John-Luc Rizzo General Contractor
The previous washroom didn't
have proper drain ventilation, its
drain system did not have P- traps
on the shower or the appropriate
waterproof pot-light We added an
exhaust fan, it did not have one .
As the O.B.C minimum
requirements   were not meet
since  the shower had only 22
inches wide
Heating was not existing
After our works the shower
has 48" wide x 42" deep   with the
proper size drain and is P trapped
as well . Completed with nice
bench  and a soap and shampoo
build in (both custom made) .We
provided it with a waterproof
pot-light, and  a forced air heating
and A/C register as well electrical
In-Floor heating unit with
programmable  temperature
control system.
concrete floor slab of the
entire basement was
removed and redone .The
washroom floor was build
with BARRICADE Sub floor
system that provided a R-3.2
insulation value The
basement walls facing the
exterior with insulation -
"Cladmate XL" Insulation rigid
STYROFOAM  providing a R-1
value prior the block  walls
were coated with Dry lock
-Special foundation
membrane able to stop 10 psi,
of Hydrostatic Pressure
(water pressure) and   
resistance to wind driven rain
it will reduce random gas
.The entry door made of  
Oak veneer ,solid core with
clear coat of water based
urethane .A 2 piece low flow
toilet (TOTO brand) slim
model, with a self closing
toilet seat. Floor has
Synthetic (man-made) Slate
tile, Low maintenance. Stain
Glass blocks (2) to allow more
light into the shower stall.
For a washroom build like this
one the estimated cost is
approx. CAD  $ 16,000.00