Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor
Making major home improvements can be a daunting commitment, and unless you are highly skilled in electrical
wiring, plumbing, and construction, you should turn to professionals to get the job done right. But finding the
appropriate professionals to help you complete the job can be a major job in itself. If you are considering a major
home improvement project, you need to determine what exactly you want done. If your job requires a specific
kind of work, like installing a hot tub , you'll probably need a Sub-contractor who specializes in the area. But if
you're planning a more extensive project, such as remodeling your kitchen or building a second-story addition,
hiring a general contractor is probably a better choice. We save you time and probably several days or weeks,
on the project's duration. The hassle of having half a dozen Sub- contractors in your home is a bad enough, but
without a guiding force, it can quickly become a nightmare. A project that should take only three days might end
taking three weeks simply from scheduling and re-scheduling various subcontractors.
John-Luc Rizzo General Contractor
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